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Ttikkos Racing

About Us

A few words about us...

Ttikkos Racing, since 1969 is in the field of exhaust systems and car evolution and motorcycles also, with central unit in Nicosia and shops in every major city of Cyprus, as well as in Athens, is in position to offer you a wide range with the newest products that technology has to offer in the field and even more.

Twister Logo

The Twister products are being made exclusively for Ttikkos Racing according to our specifications. Furthermore, all our products are now easily recognizable by bearing the characteristic red logo!

Customer Service

One of the areas that we pay special attention to is our customer service. Our staff is always available to handle all your inquiries!

Customer Service

Our goal is Ttikkos Racing to be not just one more company in the field of car tuning, but to promote the evolution of the segment, offering in the market innovative and quality products, based primarily on tuning experts needs. For this reason, we are in continuous contact with the most known professionals of the field and we undertake every kind of specialized construction as well as complete exhaust systems.

Who we are

Prodromos Ttikkos  - Founder and CEO of Ttikkos Racing

Tasos Ttikkos - Managing Director of Ttikkos Racing.

George Tikkos - General Manager of the Greek Branch of Ttikkos Racing.